So how do you make the SUN know you are running X-windows?

Keith Robison robison1 at
Wed May 12 07:48:12 EST 1993

Oops, I forgot step 0.5 in my previous post. 
0.5) xhost +otheripaddress
     where otheripaddress is the address of the machine which you
     will be accessing via telnet/rlogin.

Again, I usually alias these things.  For example, the following 
will cause "xmito" to launch a new command-tool window and 
rlogin to  The window will display "mito"
as its title (linebreak between the two lines inserted for clarity --
don't type it in this way):

alias xmito 
"host;cmdtool -title mito -e rlogin &"

Once your in, you just have to do the "SETENV DISPLAY" step and you're

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