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Wed May 12 17:51:33 EST 1993

Thanks for the comments Tony -

You replied to a comment of mine in article
<930510091035.216030a9 at BOBCAT.CSC.WSU.EDU> THOMPSON at WSUVMS1.CSC.WSU.EDU ("Steve
Thompson: VADMS genetics") when I wrote:

SMT> ... trying to get a Sun 'station on every desktop! ....  

by stating:

Parsons> I think this is stretching the point ..

I was obviously exagerating, and, yes, many of the molecular modellers here at
Washington State do own Unix workstations (mainly old SGI's) but they are, by
far, the minority and they are the elite workgroups who are REALLY into that
type of stuff.  We try to provide molecular modelling CAPABILITY to ANYBODY
that wants or needs it through Dr. Still's, Columbia University, MacroModel/VMS
Program and Tektronix emulation.  Granted it is not the BEST solution and will
leave people dissatisified after they have have become more adept, however,
this way we can provide the service to the ENTIRE university!  Likewise, we
provide sequence analysis capability to everybody through GCG, PIR/NBRF,
PHYLIP, GMendel, etc. loaded on the same VAX/VMS cluster.

	Still trying to serve the most with the least, Steve Thompson

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