Line-oriented User Interfaces to Query Sequence Databases

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Wed May 12 04:06:30 EST 1993

With respect to the discussion on whether or not Entrez is 'the' 
tool for making users access the sequence database in the reference 
annotation (as opposed to the sequences) this is just to mention that 
there is the ATLAS software as released by PIR on the PIR International
CD, holding Genbank, and Pir databases , and the Sequence Retrieval 
System (SRS) as released by Thure Etzold, EMBL, which comes as software-only
package on anonymous ftp on . SRS can use the normal
databases as usually available in PIR/GCG type of format. 

Both ATLAS and SRS packages can be user-installed and look -and- feel 
reasonable on VT100 type displays. The feature set is different, and also 
different from the NCBI' s Entrez software. Telnet to
with the username SRS to have a look at what this product looks like. 

This posting is not meant to classify or rate any of the packages mentioned. 


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