USGS WAIS for Windows (WinWAIS) Version 2.0

by way of mangalam at Harry Mangalam TGAUSLIN at ISDRES.ER.USGS.GOV
Wed May 12 20:00:28 EST 1993

All you PC users, take note!  While this version doesn't yet make use of
the WinSock driver (as does WAIS Manager), it soon will and it DOES support
your present packet/ODI driver (they say).

Many of you are waiting for this announcement.  The USGS version of
WAIS for Windows is finally available.  Here's a few of the things
that are included:

  SLIP support:

    SLIP is directly supported as an embedded function.  This means that
    dialing functions and transition to SLIP are all contained within
    WinWAIS (a logon script is executed from the WAIS.SLP file).

  Novell ODI support:

    TCPIP runs directly across your Novell protocol stack.  You don't
    have to buy anything from Novell or anyone else.  WinWAIS will
    use your ODIPKT driver if it's installed.  Otherwise, WinWAIS
    provides a direct interface from Windows.

  Clarkson, CRYNWR, etc. packet driver support:

    We've done it!!!  WinWAIS directly accesses your preloaded packet
    drivers, or will load and run them from within Windows.  A little
    hack called TSRLOAD.DLL makes it happen.

  General good things:

    The USGS client side of spatial searching

    An embedded telnet

    Spiffy (I think) three-d windows

    Filter definitions 

    Completely self contained TCPIP configuration

What's missing:

    WINSOCK is coming.  It should be pretty straight forward after all
    the SLIP and real mode interface coding.

    Context sensitive help.  It should be along within a week or two

Where to get it:

    >ftp (
    >user anonymous
    >passwd anything
    >cd software/wais
    >type binary

How to install it:

    Look at the README.TXT file that's included.  Please note the words
    about share ware packages that are included.  Also please take a
    look at our words regarding copyright.

If you have problems:

    Send me mail at:  tgauslin at

Thanks to Russell Nelson for pointing out the real mode interface that's
included in the Waterloo TCPIP package, and for the Clarkson and CRYNWR
drivers that this code depends on.

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