PC NewsReader?

John Nash nash at biologysx.lan.nrc.ca
Thu May 13 17:38:55 EST 1993

In article <1sugru$s2u at umd5.umd.edu> stern at mbimail.umd.edu writes:
>From: stern at mbimail.umd.edu
>Subject: PC NewsReader?
>Date: 13 May 1993 22:07:58 GMT

>Are you reading this on an IBM compatible?  Can you tell me the names of
>any PC newsreaders that might be out there, FTPable preferred.  Thanks.

Yes, I am.  I'm using the Trumpet PC-Newsreader (fair dinkum Aussie product! 
by Peter Tattam), ftpable from heaps of sites, but none off the top of my 
head, except for Simtel and its mirrors oak.oakland.edu and wuarchive.wustl.
edu, and its home, a "???.utas.edu.au site"  (Try Archie).  Works off 
Clarkson/Cynwyr packet drivers, with static IP addresses or RARP/bootp.  We 
also run a version off our LAN server.  It has subject-selection, reads from 
an nntp host, replies via smtp host, is mouse-able, you can jump from 
newsgroup to newsgroup by mouse, and it has that PC-Gopher/PC-WAIS feel (
TurboVision- or Turbo Pascal-made ???).  Dr. Tattam also has versions for 
other TCP applications, incl. his own Trumpet stack, and there's a Windows 
version rumoured in beta.

It's so-o-o-o easy to configure and run.  I like it... have to - it's that 
or use the VAX newsreader ;-)

>Brian Stern  :-{)}
>Stern at mbimail.umd.edu

cheers, John

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