Looking for melting programs

JRAMON at mvax.fmed.uam.es JRAMON at mvax.fmed.uam.es
Thu May 13 15:36:00 EST 1993

	I am looking for two programs to process DNA melting, they are

	Both are supposed to run on the Macintosh, and to be written by
Lerman & Silverstein.

	Anyone out there knows of these programs, where (if any) are they
available, or the address of the authors?

	Or, on the other hand, does anyone else know of other programs to
study DNA melting on the Mac?

	BTW, I'd also like to know if there exists any NFS server or client
for the Mac, and if so, haw can I get it/them.

	Thanks you one and all...

			J. R. Valverde
		Biomedical Research Institute
			Madrid - SPAIN

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