So how do you make the SUN know you are running X-windows?

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>>And for my real and BASIC question/comment - if you are RUNNING 
>>X-windows on a SUN, and the sequence analysis software, whatever, 
>>is on ANOTHER SUN, how do you tell the second SUN that you are
>>running X windows?

>This is the sort of question I am constantly asking. 

>0) Sit at your machine :-)
>0.5) xhost ipaddress   (pasted from another posting of KR)
>1) Telnet or rlogin to the 2nd machine (either will do)
>2) SETENV DISPLAY ipaddress:0
>   where ipaddress is the ipnumber or name for your node
>  (such as

Just to be picky: the command SETENV does only work for the csh and tcsh.
If your terminal complains about the SETENV command, try something like
SET DISPLAY=ipaddress:0 instead.

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