16 bit EtherNet cards and Amstrad PC1512

Fri May 14 13:25:24 EST 1993

Hello Netters!

In the poor world of British Academia, we are foreced to rely on
computers that are nearly 6 years old, and are running software of a
similar archaic age. To extend the lifespan even further we intend to
EtherNet them and install Disk stacking software (as recommended by
so many netters). To this end we have purchased some LAN LR2000, and
LR1000 cards. The 8-bit LR1000 cards are fine, but at the same price
as the 16-bit LR2000, we feel we are wasting money on obsolete
extras. LAN claim that the 8086/8088 based Amstrad PC1512 & PC1640
will connect to a Novell Network with a LR2000 card(which can be used
in a 486DX when the Amstrad goes).

However after many futile hours of trying we have failed to get any
connection at all, and I'm horribly bored taking the card in and out
all the time. If any one else has been able to connect an old
computer to a Novell network via a 16-bit card, I would very much
appreciate any suggestions.

Adam J Trickett (PhD student Evolutionay Genetics Group)
The Department of Genetics
The University of Leeds

gen5ajt at uk.ac.leeds.gps
gen5ajt at gps.leeds.ac.uk

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