So how do you make the SUN know you are running X-windows?

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Mon May 17 05:21:48 EST 1993

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>dlowry at ch.unige.cmu wrote:
>: In regard to the flame-war about Entrez etc.  I've got a purely 
>: [...]
>: LINUX but we haven't got the resources to do it - ie. I would have
>: to spend all my time nursing Linux on about 20 machines and I am
>: supposed to be doing other things!] Is there anything compatible
>: with both PC/TCP and Novell (we have both, this is a nightmare for
>: memory on our PC's)?
>Are you sure it is Linux that needs nursing?
>It seems to me that many of us are nursing ageing and inadequate real
>mode DOS TCP/IP software with unstable protected mode interfaces to MS
>Windows X-servers on PC's that compare in performance to a low end Unix
>Why not run your X-clients locally on the PC under Linux instead?
>I'm running OpenLook (olwm) under Linux SLS 1.01 from on
>a 386DX/40 with an ET4000 video card and I can tell you it is a lot
>better than PCNFS + Exceed/W over an ethernet connection to a Sun and
>you don't need to worry about real mode memory constraints :-)
>Remember:  apart from the kernel, most of the Linux SLS distribution
>consists of precisely the same Gnu software from the FSF that we know
>and love on our Sun's etc.
>If you've not tried it already, I recommend a look at Linux SLS 1.01
>	Tony.
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Dear Tony Travis,

About the LINUX nursing - no, you're right - it isn't LINUX I would be
nursing, it is just that the thought of putting it on everyones computers,
getting it to run with NOVELL and PC/TCP and whatever else they want 
really scares me, since it isn't my job to DO computer support (I'm a
graduate student) and I wouldn't really know what I was doing!

Actually, as far as I can tell, there ISN'T any "COMPUTER SUPPORT PERSON"
here - there's the guy that does NOVELL, there's the guy that installs 
the ethernet stuff but he's in another building and only comes when you
call him (they don't let you look at how they install it either - it's
all encypted) - there's me to sort of help people when they've got 
questions about mol bio, and that's about it!  Maybe the problem at most
universities isn't that the only thing available is VT100 emulations, it
is just that there is nobody to look after installing the newer software
or people don't know about it or people like me are afraid of telling
the other people in the department for fear that they might actually WANT
it :) !

Anyway, thank you EVERYONE, for letting me know how to tell the SUN about
X windows, and as soon as I've got time I will summarize the answers and
repost them.

- Dorothy Lowry
  Graduate Student				dlowry at
  Dept. of Medical Biochemistry
  University of Geneva, Switzerland

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