Public Domain Software to change Restriction site on a Nucleic Acid Seq

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Mon May 17 13:20:50 EST 1993

>Hi, 1 of our Researchers would like to transform a nucleic acid sequence so
>it keeps producing the same protein, but it could be cut with a restriction
>enzyme. Is there some public domain software that can do that?

   No, you have to do the work yourself.
But seriously, there are a few options:  There's a freeware PC program
called OligoMutantMaker which will do just that (available from the archives), although I've never used it.
   While it's not free, the widely available GCG Map program will search
for sites that can be introduced by mutagenesis that will not change the
translation by using the /SILent flag.
   Probably others, as well, but that's all I can drag from slimy depths of
my  memory at the moment.

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