spreadsheets for unix machines?

Nishantha I. nish at cv4.chem.purdue.edu
Mon May 17 14:44:24 EST 1993

In article <01GYA1TD0NPE8Y5KTW at minna.acc.iit.edu> CMSWALTERS at KARL.ACC.IIT.EDU writes:
>I am looking for advice on public domain or inexpensive
>spreadsheet programs which will run on unix machines--
>I have an old SGI and an ESV.  Thanks in advance for your help!
	Try "sc" or "Xspread" depending on the interface you
	are interested.(i.e. sc for regular terminals and Xspread
	for X-windows).
	Some of the early SGI's had sc bundled in as system software.

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