Ultrafit from BIOSOFT

ryan at mbcl.rutgers.edu ryan at mbcl.rutgers.edu
Mon May 3 14:21:58 EST 1993

 Does anyone know where I can get some information on a new program for the 
Mac called Ultrafit?  It is made by BIOSOFT, and is used for curve fitting,
especially by using non-linear regression.  I know there are other programs
for the Mac, like Mathematica or JMP which allow you to do this, but those are
more generalized programs where the non-linear fitting is one function among
many.  I recently saw this program mentioned in Science, but they did not have 
the product information card still in the magazine.

I am interested in knowing:

1.  The price
2.  The author
3.  The algorithm(s) used
4.  Anything else you might deem interesting or useful
5.  How I could go about getting a copy

Please respond to RYAN at BIOVAX.RUTGERS.EDU

Thank you.

K. Ryan

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