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Tue May 18 18:24:15 EST 1993

 Hi folks, sorry about this but I need to do it  :-(


Almost a year ago I asked for info on molecular graphics programs for the
I received a reply from a guy in San Diego who had been instrumental in
writing such a package which is now distributed by the Company  ANDATACO
under the name OPENMOLECULE. The demo seemed OK, they were generally
helpful so I bought it ($1000)!  I also bought support ($200) since I was
told that would also entitle me to the next upgrade which was coming soon.
After some difficulties getting the current version running (everyone was
quite helpful here) all was OK. Well at least when I wasn't using it much
and with small molecules.
Sometime before Xmas I tried to display a larger molecule aand it crashed
and burned! I didn't know it if was my set up or the program....   I STILL
don't because they won't help me. After at least a dozen phone calls and
e-mails I haven't received any help. I gave detailed info on the problem,
sent the PDB file for them to try on their machine (they don't have it
running!!!!) and still no help. Just lots of promises....   so and so will
call you (they don't).
I am sick and tired of it, I don't want a fix any more, I just want a
What do you think the chances are??
I've probably spent a fortune on phone calls from Canada to san Diego.

ANDATACO.....   anyone else had experiences with these guys? good or bad?
Is there a better business beaureau in SD?

Also they asked me if I would recommend the program to SUN, and I did (it
was at the beginning before the trouble started). Well, I take it back!!


Well, I hope no one out there has even heard of ANDATACO, because then
you're all probably much happier in your ignorance.

Have a nice day ;-)

Chris Upton   (Here's my address, ANDATACO, for refund cheques)
576 MSB
University of ALberta
AB T6G 2H7

Phone (403)492-2861

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