Roll your own gopher (was How to dig a gopher hole)

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Wed May 19 03:48:03 EST 1993

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>I am contemplating setting up a gopher hole, and would like tips, advice,
>etc.  In particular, I'm not sure how to go about indexing a large (700ish)`
>set of files so that they can be searched.

I think this is a great idea. I had an idea that I would do a BioBit covering
just those aspects. I am sure that there are alot of people around who "spy"
on what other people are doing and copy them. Don Gilbert, Dan Jacbson, 
Mike Cherry, Dan Davison, Reinhard Doelz, Rainer Fuchs, Alan Bleasby, have 
all done sterling work in setting up their gophers... I copy things from them
all the time.

Isn't it neat how Dan Jacobson can search Simtel20 and Garbo and deliver up
the one line readme and then pop you into the right directory so you can ftp
the file... "how do you think he does it... I don't know" (spot the tune)
How does Reinhard wais index EMBL from a CDROM and serve it up to gopher.
Where do people find the time and energy and disk-space to provide all these
wonderful services.

I am sure that if we talked about the techniques then we might inspire people
to serve up more information, and wouldn't that make us all alot more happy.

I am willing to gather all the discussion together and bash it into a BioBit
for future reference... so it you have a hint or a tip you would like to 
share when setting up gopher then please let us know. Offhand here are some
topics we could cover.

	1 Menu layout
	2 .cap files and titles
	3 Wais indexes
	4 Gopher object types
	5 go2ftp gateway
	6 go2nntp gateway
	7 goform

and if anybody has any questions about gopher set up then let's get specific
and ask the right questions.


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