Ecology and evolution software

Una Smith smith-una at
Thu May 20 17:04:40 EST 1993

The Ecology and Evolution gopher now has two software tools
for teaching and research:

	The Populus package of population biology simulations,
	from the University of Minnesota Department of Ecology,
	Evolution & Behavior, and

	A cellular automata model of honey-comb allocation 
	patterns by honey bees, by Scott Camazine of Cornell
	University's Department of Neurobiology and Behavior.

The first is a PC program and the second is a package of Mac
programs.  Both are compressed in popular file archive formats.

The Ecology and Evolution gopher archive is accessible via many other
biology gophers, and lives on under the menu items:

	Sunsite Archives
		Browse All Sunsite Archives

It is also accessible via anonymous FTP to in the
pub/academic/biology/ecology+evolution/ directory.


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