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Thu May 20 14:40:01 EST 1993

In article <1993May20.152515.10909 at>, gux at (X. Guan) writes:
> We are looking for molecular graphics software in public domain that can display
> 3D protein structures on UNIX workstations (Sun, Decstation, etc.). We have used flex from the Scripps Research institute, and would like to know if there are other
> packages that are more suitable to our needs. Any information or reference
> is appreciated.
> Thank you.
> X. Guan
> EPM Division

   I know that Steve Dempsey's Molecular Modelling System
MMS is freely distributed as well, he's at the University
of California.  I can't remember any sites off hand, but I 
have seen it in anonymous ftp at UBC.

    It runs on an SGI, I don't know about other UNIX platforms.

Jonathan Parrish
Department of Biochemistry
Dalhousie Universiy
Halifax, Canada

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