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Thu May 20 11:56:55 EST 1993

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>We are looking for molecular graphics software in public domain that can display
>3D protein structures on UNIX workstations (Sun, Decstation, etc.). We have used flex from the Scripps Research institute, and would like to know if there are other
>packages that are more suitable to our needs. Any information or reference
>is appreciated.

Point you gopher client at and select:

 -->  2.  Search the Titles of All Items in this Gopher Hole <?>

And search for - 

3d protein molec*

and you'll see the following, from which you can retrieve software
and data:

 -->  1.  3D Protein Display and Sequence Analysis for the PC (UIUC)/
      2.  3D objects (multiple formats), utilities ... (Avalon/KPC)/
      3.  CCP4 - Programs for Protein Crystallography (U.K.)/
      4.  FLEX 3D from The Scripps Institute /
      5.  Kinemages, Mage, Pkin -3D Protein Display for the Mac and PC (UIC)/
      6.  Lots of Molecular Graphics, Dynamics and Chemistry (Brazil)/
      7.  MOIL - Molecular Dynamics (UIC)/
      8.  MULTI, molecular modelling (NIEHS-NIH)/
      9.  Molecular Biology Software (Finland) /
      10. PDBview - View 3D protein Structures (Columbia Un.)/
      11. ProMod - 3D Protein modeling software (Geneva)/
      12. ProMod - 3D modeling software (Geneva)/
      13. Protein Data Bank ftp Site/
      14. SAPS - Statistical Analysis of Protein Sequences (Stanford)/
      15. Search and Retrieve entries from the PDB (Protein Data Bank) /
      16. XMol - display and analysis of molecular model data (MSC)/
      17. XYLEM & FSAP (Molecular database and Analysis packages) (Manitoba)/
      18. NRL_3D Protein Sequence-Structure Database <?>
      19. Search Protein Data Bank Headers (Brookahven) <?>
      20. Search Protein Data Bank Headers (NIH) <?>
      21. Search the Protein DataBank - PDB <?>

For additional information select the following:

 -->  14. Search and Retrieve Software/

  -->  8.  Search and Retrieve Graphics Software and Data/

   -->  3.  Search All Graphics Information <?>

And search for - 


And you'll get an entry with a list of Molecular visualization

If you've never heard of gopher, don't worry - it's free and on
the net, write me a note if you'd like information on how to
get started.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

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