Carlos Israel Armas carmas at
Thu May 20 09:49:52 EST 1993

hi all!
As newsreaders are being discussed now, a novice question, ( maybe a FAQ)
on the ethernet  network here I have PCs running under DOS and MSWindows too.
I have UNIX SYS V Rel 3 , as mail and dabtabases hosts.
I lack: a PC DOS or MSwindows Newsreader (public domain)
        a UNIX News server                       "
some kind of client-server solution as NUPOP-POPservers or PCgopher-Gopher 
I know there were some postings about it. Any info on it?
warm regards and thanks you all.
carlos armas		carmas%ingen at
network manager		automation division
center of genetic engineering & biotechnology
pobox 6162		havana, cuba
voice: 537 218200       fax: 537 218070

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