Comp Vision

Alex Jaimes DFAC at ANDESCOL.bitnet
Fri May 21 19:02:14 EST 1993

Hello all:

I am working on a Computer Vision/Image processing package for
Biologists/Bacteriologists/Microbiologists etc.

The idea is to have a computer connected to a microscope so that
the image can be used by my program to do image processing(to
show things in the image you might not see by eye), manipulation
(cutting, pasting, geting histograms, etc) and recognition (of
types of cells, bacteria, parasites (for counting for example)-
using as criteria form, color, etc.).

Since my area of studies is Computer Science, I am having trouble
finding specific areas where a program of this type would be usefull.

Any suggestions in any area are wellcome re: possible areas of work,
packages of this type you may be familiar with; has anyone heard of

Thanks in advance.
(Please e-mail me directly, for I am not subscribed to the list)

Alex Jaimes
Los Andes University - Bogota, Colombia S.A.
DFAC Research Group (Computer Aided Manufacturing and Design)
e-mail: DFAC at ANDESCOL

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