gel fragments --> restriction maps, programs avail?

Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics THOMPSON at WSUVMS1.CSC.WSU.EDU
Mon May 24 19:07:27 EST 1993

Hello BioNetters -

I've had a request to get a restriction enzyme mapping program up on campus. 
We need the type of mapping program that can calculate a tentative map from gel
data --- without knowing the complete sequence.  Using Gopher, I have retrieved
CoMap, Double-Digester, and W. Pearson's Rest-Map package.  These are the only
ones that I found that looked appropriate.  I have a couple of questions:

1) Are these the only ones available and have people used them?  What are your
   feelings about them --- pros and cons?

2) Are there any available (or have appropriate ports been made) for VAX/VMS?

					Thanks in advance, Steve Thompson

                                             thompson at

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