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Tue May 25 11:48:23 EST 1993

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(Jeremy John Ahouse) says
> I have composed a sequence with the Authorin software on the Mac.  I tried
> sending the completed peptide form to PIR at the following address:
> pir at NBRF.Georgetown.Edu
> Is this the wrong address?

The correct address for protein sequence submissions is either
  PIRSUB at NBRF.Georgetown.EDU
  FILESERV at NBRF.Georgetown.EDU
The FILESERV address uses an automatic processor and submissions in AUTHORIN
format must be preceded by the command line
and followed by the command line
Submissions in the EMBL/DDBJ/PIR format must be preceded by the command line
Submissions to the PIRSUB address do not require these special command lines.

The PIR accepts for submission protein sequences determined as proteins.
Researchers should submit nucleotide sequence data directly to GenBank,
EMBL or DDBJ for assignment of an accession number prior to publication.
Derived amino acid sequence data may also be included at the same
time.  Amino acid sequence data submitted in this way to GenBank, EMBL
or DDBJ is eventually passed on to PIR, and need not be submitted
separately to PIR.  This is done so correct cross-references can be
made between nucleotide and protein sequence accession numbers.  All
other determined amino acid sequences may be submitted directly to PIR
when the authors permit their public release prior to publication.
The appropriate addresses for nucleotide sequence submissions are:

  GenBank Submissions
  National Center for Biotechnology Information
  Bldg. 38A, Room 8N-803
  8600 Rockville Pike
  Bethesda, MD 20894
  Electronic mail: gb-sub at

  EMBL Data Submissions
  Postfach 10.2209
  D-6900, Heidelburg
  Federal Republic of Germany
  Telephone (+49) 6221-387-258
  Electronic mail: DATASUBS at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

  DNA Database of Japan
  Center for Genetic Information Research
  National Institute of Genetics
  111 Yata
  Mishima, Shizuoka 411
  Telephone (+81) 559-75-3651
  Electronic mail:  ddbjsubs at

Please, do not submit data either by electronic mail or on disk in files that
are formatted for word processing programs.  Such files are almost always
unreadable except by systems with the same configuration of computer, operating
system and word-processing program.  For files sent by disk, either DOS or Mac
formatted disks can be used but regular "double density" disks are preferred to
"high density" disks.

A copy of your mail to PIR was received by me (POSTMASTER) and has already been
forwarded to the correct PIRSUB address.
                                 Dr. John S. Garavelli
                                 Database Coordinator
                                 Protein Information Resource
                                 National Biomedical Research Foundation
                                 Washington, DC  20007
                                 POSTMAST at GUNBRF.BITNET
                                 POSTMASTER at NBRF.GEORGETOWN.EDU

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