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Arthur Stein stein at
Wed May 26 09:11:31 EST 1993

This to inform those who are interested or have acquired the
IBM Visualization Data Explorer Software for their IBM Risc/6000s, 
SUN SPARCstation 2, Silicon Graphic, Indigo and Crimson or HP 700s
that there is a public mailserver forum run by data-exp at
In addition to the on-line forum, the Theory Center atCornell University has agreed to maintain
an anonymous FTP site at as well as a gopher interface
This archive server supports the following interchange files for users:
1. Frequently asked questions about the IBM Data Explorer Software
   Please request it via: send FAQ or faq
2. a forum where questions and anwswers are exchanged and kept in a running
   mail exchange list. The file is called forum
   You may request it via: send forum or FORUM
3. Append to the forum via: add forum 
4. Subscribe to the forum via: subscribe
5. Subscribers will receive periodic updates to the forum only.
   The default period has been set to daily updates. I might add
   a weekly update to it too.
6. Unsubscribe to the forum via: remove      

   stein at 

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