Molbio & Linux

LAZO,GERARD glazo at
Thu May 27 09:16:00 EST 1993

I've started to use Linux and am impressed with its multitasking
capabilities.  The X-windows works really well.  Almost anything
available with C source code may be set-up to run within Linux.
I'd recommend using the Linux version with the most recent C compiler
and associated libraries.  I was using Linux 0.99pl4, but had 
problems upgrading to the more advances patch levels.  I ended up
just re-downloading Linux 0.99pl8 (I haven't checked lately, but
I think Linux is at patch level 10). Currently I'm trying to set up a 
486 system using:

 Genetic Design Environment - can be linked to several molecular
        biology programs
 ACeDB (to run AAtDB) 

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