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>Subject: Xgopher 1.3 available
>Date: 26 May 1993 16:16:59 -0500
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>Summary: Xgopher 1.3 client is now available
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Xgopher 1.3 is now available by FTP.
(Xgopher is a gopher client for the X Window System.)

|  Xgopher 1.3 is available as a compressed tar file by anonymous ftp from |
|                                                                          |
|      host:  ftp.cso.uiuc.edu                                             |
|      file:  uiuc/src/xgopher.1.3.tar.Z                                   |
|                                                                          |
|      host:  export.lcs.mit.edu                                           |
|      file:  contrib/xgopher.README                                       |
|      file:  contrib/xgopher.1.3.tar.Z                                    |
|                                                                          |
|  (and SOON) host:  boombox.micro.umn.edu                                 |
|             file:  pub/gopher/Unix/xgopher.1.3.tar.Z                     |
|                                                                          |

Xgopher 1.3 contains several improvements to Xgopher 1.2

A complete list of additions and changes is appended to the end of this

-Allan Tuchman    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
		  Computing and Communications Services Office (CCSO)
		  phone: (217) 244-0048
a-tuchman at uiuc.edu

| === New in Xgopher 1.3 === |

-- New Features
   . Extended types: allows you to add or redefine types to Xgopher
     with no changes to the program.
   . Status popup window tells what's happening.  A long file transfer
     may be cancelled.
   . Every popup window may be positioned explicitly, and with a 
     fairly general specification.
   . Entirely new file save/copy dialog
   . ICCCM compliant behavior for window manager "close" function.

-- Bug Fixes
   . several minor bugs were fixed
   . leading ~ in path name now applies to ~username also.

-- User Interface
   . Better message when app-defaults file is unavailable or out-of-date
   . Index and CSO popups redirect all of their text input to the text entry
   . All top-level windows have icon names, which may be user-selected.
   . quit-app() action is invoked by default by pressing a control-D 
     in the main Xgopher panel.
   . May limit the number of text windows displayed.  Open windows will
     be reused if a new text file is selected and you're at the limit.
   . New showItems determines what is displayed in the item list, from
     {all, known, accessible, available}, depending on security resources.
   . control-U is defined in all text entry fields to delete the whole line.
   . Read-only text displays no longer show the insert cursor.
   . New resource will warp the cursor to a popup requesting input
     (default is not to warp cursor).
   . Index keyword request popup no longer requires interactive placement
     on some window managers.

-- Security
   . log and temp files are created private, text files according to the
     user's umask.
   . May suppress the "enter gopher item" panel
   . new Servers resource can specify which servers Xgopher will
     accept data from for text, image, and sound files.  Extended
     types may also specify a list of host servers for each type.
   . new allowFtp resource may be used to disallow ftp data access.
   . new publicMode resource is a meta-resource to set many
     security-related resources (see the man page for which ones).

-- Minor Customization
   . Some default colors and fonts were changed for readability
   . Virtually all constraint resources have been moved from the
     resources file to the source program.
   . Slight change to speed up directory retrievial.

-- Documentation
   . Documents on Porting, Customization, Extended Types, Edits,
     Popups, Installation Customization, Implementation, and Sun problems.
     Updated man page.

-- Portability
   . Tested on Solaris 2.1 in addition to 6 other platforms.

-Allan Tuchman      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
		    Computing and Communications Services Office (CCSO)
a-tuchman at uiuc.edu  phone: (217) 244-0048

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