Solution for DECWindows Gopher/Wais

Charles A. Alexander charles at MEDINFO.ROCHESTER.EDU
Fri May 28 15:18:06 EST 1993

 Hello Folks
 Many Thanks to:
 1)	Rick Westerman at Purdue's AIDS Center Laboratory who recalls the existence
 	of a DECWindows Gopher client.
 2) Francois Schiettecatte at Johns Hopkins Welch Med. library. who knew
 			about Ultrix DECWindows clients and suggested wais-talk at as
 			a resource.
 and last but not least;
 3) David Mathog, Sequence analysis facility manager at Caltech who suggested
 			XMosaic.  THis piece of software wins hands down.  It's incredibly
 		impressive.  My thanks to David and all who responded.  Incidentally, XMosaic
 		is available in several different platforms from:  in the /pub/www directory.  Via FTP of course.
 Happy Holidays
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