Announcing MolViewer 0.9 - Major new release

Steve Ludtke steve at
Thu May 27 21:58:32 EST 1993

First, for those of you who didn't see the earlier versions, MolViewer is a  
program designed to display 3D views of molecules and allow you to play around  
with them interactively. A lot of the features center on protein chemistry, but  
the program is still quite useful for other molecules as well. MolViewer runs  
only under NeXTStep 3.0. This version has >25 changes and bug fixes. 

There are 3 parts to this release:
MolViewer0.9.tar.z		- The main App.
MolViewerSmp.tar.z		- The sample molecules.
MolViewer0.9.src.tar.z 	- Complete source! (which I didn't have time to 
			clean up properly, so it's still a bit hard 
			to read)

All 3 files are gzipped and can be ftped from,, or

Here's a list of a few of the most important NEW features:

1) You can now display molecules of any size without crashing the program (I  
finally found a QRM hack that worked).

2) New true ball & stick and cylindrical stick models supported.

3) Quick mode now supports the entire periodic table.

4) Proteins can be built from scratch, just enter the one-letter sequence.

5) ALL bond lengths, angles, and dihedrals can now be modified interactively in  
any molecule.

6) Selective atom labelling in the 'quick' mode.

7) Atoms may be displayed as arbitrary ellipsoids rather than just spheres (for  
display of NMR uncertainty information).

8) New file formats.

And this is just the beginning...

Even if you don't read the docs, please at least take a look at the history  
file to see what's changed. All of the docs can be found via online help. If  
you have any questions, suggestions, etc ...  write me:

						--steve at
						  stevel at

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