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Sun May 30 13:13:35 EST 1993

Well -- I too am a Mac user rather than a tecchie but it looks to me as
though, from the description of the symptoms, that your hard drive is not
"in the driver's seat."  My first guess is that there is no system folder
with system, desktop, etc. ON the hard disk and thus the questionmark is
saying "who wants to drive??" If you can boot from a system disk in the
floppy drive, can you then access the hard disk and read it at all?  (That is
does it show as an icon on the desktop?)  If you can, then I would follow
the documentation (your friend DID give you the documentation, right??) and
install the appropriate system (e.g. v 6.05) and stuff on the hard drive
and reboot.  If you can't talk to the hard drive -- and (as I recall) the
hard drive is INTERNAL in the SE) -- then thank your friend and decide if you
want to pay for HD repairs. My reasoning follows from the fact that you have
a question mark rather than a frowny face.

Good luck
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