Actually Hardware breakdown of Mac SE

Ben Jones jonesbb at BELOIT.EDU
Mon May 31 20:43:59 EST 1993

Dana Emery writes (in response to Lars Snogerup):

>> When booting the symbol with a disk and a question mark appears,
>which means that no bootable SCSI drive or floppy was found.
>> and if you put in a systemdisk in the druve it dosen t help.
>Probably because the machine has been moved without use of the 800k floppy
>drive shiping restraint (that yellow plastic disk-like thing).  Only 800k
>disk drives need it BTW, dont use it in a modern high-density floppy drive.
>> I managed to start up the computer via an external 
>> diskdrive, the icon for the hard disk do not appear on the desktop ....
>This suggests that the internal HD is damaged, and damaged 20Mb HD are not
>worth fixing.

The fact that the hard drive and the internal floppy disk went out at the
same time suggests that neither may be at fault, but rather that the mother
board has failed.  The only thing that is really pretty certain is that it
is a hardware problem.  Don't buy a new drive until an Apple tech runs Mac
diagnostics on the unit.


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