Mac or UNIX enzyme kinetics programs

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> Dear Bionetters,
>      For those of you interested in kinetic simulation and fitting
> software please look into the programs kinsim and fitsim.  These
> programs were developed in the laboratory of Dr. Carl Frieden here
> at Washington University and are available to run on a variety of
> platforms.  They can be obtained by anonymous FTP from
> ( in the directory packages/kinsim.  Versions for
> the following systems are available: Vax/VMS, MSDOS, MSDOS/Windows,
> Silicon Graphics Iris (SGI IRIX operating system), and Apple
> Macintosh.  The source code is distributed with the VMS, SGI, and MSDOS
> versions.  Please see the various readme files available in the subdirectories
> of the kinsim directory as well as the documentation in the docs subdirectory.
> Let me know if you pick up the package and find it useful as we are
> interested in knowing who all is using the software.  I hope you
> this was useful.
>                                              Eric
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I recently downloaded kinsim for the Mac and when I tried launching it, the
program bombed (I forget the error code it gave). Does kinsim assume the
presence of a math coprocessor? For what it's worth, I was trying it on a
Centris 610 (using the 68LC040 which doesn't have the math coprocessor
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