Nentrez cost (Re: Entrez:Sequences HELP !!!!!!)

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Sun Oct 3 06:53:29 EST 1993

In article <leach-290993175436 at>, leach at (Martin Leach) writes:
|> I receive the NCBI news letter and have found out that there is a
|> beta-version of a program called Nentrez available by anonymous FTP at
|> (
|> I've used this and it is smegging great.
|> It costs nothing to register and gives you access to all the info 
|> you would have to get from those expensive cd-roms.

NO! How often do the biologists neet to be notified that NOTHING is 
free on the network??? I have used this Nentrez as well and people 
LOVE it. Its a damned good piece of software but I would like 
to emphasize that these less than 100 dollars a year are by far _less_ 
money than the amount used up to pay for network bandwidth. Are you really 
sure that it scales to let hundreds of queries pass accross the net if 
you could get it as well locally for less than $100 ? 

I am seriously concerned that biologists need to learn a lot in terms
of networking and its cost before such tools like Nentrez and others
can be passed to the community in responsible fashion. If you continue
to consume bandwidth like this there won't be all of us on the network 
in the future, and only the 'selected few' who can afford paying 
for the lines will survive. 

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