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>Subject: sigma plot ??
>Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1993 16:05:47 GMT
>Keywords: sigma plot pc windows time series

>Dear Netters,

>  does anybody know a program called SIGMA-PLOT ?
>  Where can I get it from and how much does it cost?

>  Is there a WINDOWS-Version available or is it a DOS-program ?
>  I've got a hint, that it would be useful to plot my data,
>  but I have no detailed information.

>  Does anybody know another program which is able to plot time
>  series in a user friendly way? Gnuplot (or EXCEL on the other hand)
>  are not flexible enough.

>  Thank you in advance
>  Thomas

>  petzoldt at

We tried out Sigma-plot, I don't really remember it that well, but for 
time-plot data I think you will find that Grafit is better. Grafit also goes 
very well with windows. We tend to use Excell to prepare the data in a 
spreadsheet format (NO, I don't like Excell much), and than transfere
the relavent parts to Grafit to plot out.

It sounds as if what you need is a genuine graphics package thou, so any 
should do. Beware of things like Excell, Lotus, Planner and the rest as these 
are really spreadsheet packages, and while good, have rather limited graphics 

Hope this helps.


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