Wed Oct 6 17:31:00 EST 1993

In article <Pine.3.07.9310032041.B27532-8100000 at>, Wanqing Yang <wyang at> writes...
>Could anyone tell me how I can transfer my file from Microsoft Word
>to e-mail in a Macintosh, if using kermit? Thank you!
>wyang at

	There are two possible ways. The simpler, though less useful since you
will lose all format information in your file is to save it in ASCII format,
this is done by selecting

	SAVE AS... from the FILE menu and then pressing the FILE FORMAT button

	This saves your file in a format suitable to be transferred via
electronic mail 'as is'. But as I said you will lose all formatting info (i.e.
titles, bold, italics, etc...).

	Alternatively, you can use a somewhat more difficult way. You must use
then a special program that encodes your Word file so as to make it suitable
for e-mail transfer. The receiver will have to use a similar program to decode
it later. The most widespread used program is BINHEX 4.0. Other programs,
like STUFF IT and COMPACT PRO can also generate BinHex files from your initial

	Once the file has been converted to a transferrable format (either
by saving it as TEXT ONLY or by converting it to BinHex, all you have to do
is send it to your host with Kermit and the e-mail the file:

	Login to your host as usual. Activate kermit (the command should
be 'kermit' or 'ckermit'), and tell kermit in the host that it will receive
a file from your Mac:
Kermit> receive <return>
It will then wait for you to send the file. Select SEND KERMIT from the
appropriate menu in your Mac communications program and select the file
to send (the TEXT or BINHEXed file).

	Once finished, exit from kermit and send the file by e-mail. It
will usually be a command like 'mail my_file_name' or so.

	Give the address of the receiver, and you're done.


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