Roxanne Hall roxanne at edu.tmc.uth.mda.odin
Thu Oct 7 15:26:21 EST 1993

Fellow Netters,

   I am having a strange little problem with the use of MacVector and
GCG format sequence files.  Our site is set up so that our Macs are on
the network with the main frame.  GCG is setup on the main frame (a UNIX
box, Solbourne).  When we transfer the GCG sequence files down to
MacVector sometimes MacVector locks up and once it locks up so does our
Mac.  The Mac locks up to the point of no return. You can't even force 
MacVector to close.  This does not happen all the time on the same file 
nor does it always happen at the same point in MacVector.

   In general, this occurs when we are saving the file as something, i.e.
as GenBank or GCG, and also dies sometimes when we try to manipulate the 

   It does not matter that the lock is open or closed.  Also, this did not
happen when everyone had to use a modem to access the main frame.

   Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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