Genpept Gopher?

Dennis Benson dab at
Thu Oct 7 16:37:40 EST 1993

risler%FRCGM51.earn at writes:
: Dear netters,
: I hope this is not a stupid question.
: I've fumbled around in the Gopher space to find a hole from which I could
: retrieve sequences from the NCBI GENPEPT databank. I couldn't find any.
: Am I just stupid ?
: Thanks
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   I can't help directly with gopher, but NCBI does have the sequences
translated from the GenBank coding regions in a file that can be
FTP'd from the machine ''.   After login, `cd' to
the directory 'genbank'; the file is 'genpept.fasta.Z'.  This file
contains the translations from the latest full release of GenBank.
Daily cumulative updates are also available in the directory:
'genbank/daily' as the file 'gpcu.fasta.Z'.

   Note that this 'GenPept' file is actually a FASTA formatted series
of sequences, ie, a header line with the GenBank accession number,
locus name, and definition followed by the protein sequence.

Dennis Benson


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