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Fri Oct 8 03:21:53 EST 1993

In article <9310071738.AA19754 at>, jim at AUDREY.LMF.ORG (Jim Gale) writes:

> We need some advice. Our access to (free) GCG is lost. The institute we used
> GCG on by modem is dropping GCG due to the cost. Since we cannot afford GCG.
> We need some other similar package for our PC systems (MS-DOS). I am fimilar 
> Hitachi DNASIS/PROSIS and Inteligenetics PC-Gene. We will be having demos
> of both shortly.
> Does anyone out there use either package for MS-DOS?
> What is yor opinion of the system. Does it compare to GCG? 
> Is there another package we should be looking at????

I would certainly look at DNASTAR (also called LaserGene on Macintoshes). It
supports DOS, and includes similar functions to GCG for most analysis so
it should be familiar to your users.

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