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Fri Oct 8 12:08:53 EST 1993

In article <1993Oct6.232123.22037 at>, brianf at (Brain Foley) writes:
> [good description of useful working tools, which may be hacks not of
>  'publication quality']
> 	I don't think I should upload all my spreadsheets to IUBIO
> or any other FTP site, because who could sort through them all to find the
> one macro they can use?  But if I have one or two "tools" that I find
> really handy should I send them out?

The group has been really quiet for quite some time,
and would seem to be an ideal forum for these types of things.  Perhaps it
would be good to agree interested people should feel free to post 'working'
copies of code to the group, in order to distribute something they feel is
useful but not pretty, or just to get feedback on a work in progress.  This
doesn't use the permanent resources that an ftp archive uses, so perhaps we
shouldn't hold postings to this group to as high a standard as we would
submissions to an archive.


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