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Wed Oct 13 11:15:35 EST 1993

In article <9310130950.AA12742 at> HYUNERHO at KRSNUCC1.BITNET writes:
>Dear Netters ...
>When we prepare an article to be published
>one of the obstacles ahead is typing the manuscript and especially
>fill in the References section because there are
>so many journals so many formats for reference citations ...
>Is there any reference manager which will keep track of any article
>information in flat form and prints out to printer or disk as
>required form of interested journals ?

I am using, for some 7 years now, the Reference Manager from RIS. It is a commercial
software, not cheap, but it is certainly one of the most used package
It allows all what you need for publication, and is quite friendly to use,
mostly in its last Windows version.
Gilles Bronchti

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