computer programs needed

Wed Oct 13 07:48:59 EST 1993

Dear List,
On behalf of the Dept. of Plant pathology, University of Florida, I am
requesting assistance and information from this list. I want to locate
and collect addresses of and computer programs that will allow us to
improve our teaching, extension and research programs. Toward this goal 
I would like to obtain computer programs that cover the following:
1) Teaching excercises on anything associated with palnt pathology;
2) Taxonomy and identification of bacteria, fungi, nematodes and viruses;
3) Plant disease diagnosis;
4) Models and simulations of disease epidemics;
5) Disease forecasting and control;
6) Expert systems for disease diagnosis and control;
7) Information about video disc and CD-ROM technology.
Once collected and cataloged the location and a listing of available
computer programs will be available. At present I am in contact with 
our computer dept to establish some type of server where the information
will be maintained. As information becomes available about using the server
I will advise this list.
Please send all correspondence regarding this request to 
Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.
Charles R. Semer IV       |           Phone 904-392-7241
Dept. of Plant Pathology  |           Fax   904-392-6532
1453 Fifield Hall         |           Internet PPCOM at GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU
University of Florida     |
Gainesville, Florida 32611|

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