RasMol 2.2 Molecular Graphics Package Available

christer.ericsson at mog.ki.se christer.ericsson at mog.ki.se
Fri Oct 15 05:01:02 EST 1993

In article <CEwCCv.Jwx at dcs.ed.ac.uk> rasmol at dcs.ed.ac.uk (RasMol Molecular
Graphics) writes:
>                            RasMol 2.2
>              Molecular Graphics Visualisation tool.
>                           Roger Sayle 
>		    Biocomputing Research Unit
>                     University of Edinburgh
>                           October 1993
>    This posting is to announce the public release of RasMol 2.2
>graphics visualisation program.

>    The current version of the program has been tested on sun3, sun4,
>hp9000, sequent, DEC alpha, IBM RS/6000 and SGI, DEC and E&S mips based 
>machines compiled under both gcc and the native compiler. The version for

>Microsoft Windows requires version 7 of the Microsoft Optimizing C
>and the Microsoft Software Development Kit (SDK). 
>    The source code is public domain and freely distributable provided
>the original author is suitably acknowledged. Any comments, suggestions
>questions about the package may be directed to "rasmol at dcs.ed.ac.uk".
>Roger Sayle                        JANET: ros at uk.ac.ed.dcs
>Department of Computer Science     UUCP:  ..!mcsun!uknet!dcs!ros
>University of Edinburgh            ARPA: 
ros%dcs.ed.ac.uk at nsfnet-relay.ac.uk
>Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK.             Tel:   (+44) 031 650 5163 (direct
Is there a molecular graphics visualisation program that reads Brookhaven
Protein Databank (PDB) files, for the Macintosh? 

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