About Gelstatus & Gelpicture

Peter Rice rice at embl-heidelberg.de
Sat Oct 16 07:20:27 EST 1993

In article <931015091805.21808b31 at SAPHIR.ULAVAL.CA>, 2020273 at SAPHIR.ULAVAL.CA writes:
> I'm looking for two programs, GELSTATUS AND GELPICTURE. I heard they were
> locate at EMBL but i didn't find them. Is anoby can direct me to a ftp
> anonymous address ?

They were included in the "GCGEMBL" programs, distributed with GCG 7.0
for VMS and under their new name "EGCG" with the Unix CD-ROM distribution
from GCG, in both cases as UNSUPPORTED programs (I wrote them, but GCG
agreed to distribute them).

A new release of the EGCG programs is due in the next few weeks,  I just have
to check a few things first.

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