Macs versus other computers in biosciences.. (forwarded)

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>	ideal thus is to have both - does anyone know if the hybrid PC/Mac 
>	are near to coming on the market? IBM were supposed to be 
making one available
>	this year? Would they be worth having?Or would it be 
better to have two
>	seperate machines?
>	Graham Atherton

A recent issue of Byte magazine featured the PowerPC.  At that time it was 
scheduled to be released in early '94.   If the machine and the software 
emulators for running DOS and Mac operating systems live up to IBM, Apple, 
and Motorola's promises, this would definitely be the best choice for speed 
and ease of use.

Mike Hanratty
Lake Superior Research Institute
Univ. of Wisconsin-Superior
mhanratt at

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