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Sat Oct 9 17:03:32 EST 1993

In article 266 at kruuna.Helsinki.FI, stenberg at kruuna.Helsinki.FI (Dag Stenberg) writes:
>Two questions about SigmaPlot 4.0 (DOS):
>- can the graphs be exported to - say, WordPerfect or WinWord - or
>anything? How?

	Yes!  You can create either a CGM file or an Encapsulated PostScript File 
as part of the Hardcopy process in Sigmaplot.  I prefer EPS files since scaling does 
not cause major distortions.  You have to choose PostScript Printers for output device
 and a filename for writing the postscript.  

	Then in WordPerfect, you can create a graphic (Alt-F9) and type in the file 
name for FILE (option 1).  Set the height and width of the final output as desired. 

	A warning though!  Unlike some packages on Unix systems, WordPerfect will 
directly load the postscript file as part of the document.  So if you have an EPS 
file which is half a megabyte (due to a lot of complex stuff within your graphs), then 
you end up with WP documents which are HUGE!  Depending on the available memory on 
your system, WP may refuse to retrieve the file at a later date!

>- is it still possible to compose several graphs from different material
>onto one page - I do not get the idea. In ver.3, it was easy...

	Hmm!  Someone in our lab asked the same question.  I don't think you can do 
it the easy way you could in version 3.0.  

>(yes, I read only the short manual...)



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