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Francis Ouellette francis at AZALEA.NLM.NIH.GOV
Mon Oct 11 19:19:09 EST 1993

Jim Gale (jim at AUDREY.LMF.ORG) asks:

> I am told I can do GCG style searches of combind databases by internet
> at NCBI. I already have used their word search, like a GCG "strings" search,
> but can i send nucleotide or amino acid files for homology searches???
> If so, how do I do this and what software do I need if any.
> Since I have lost access to the GCG package, this ability is critical to my
> research. I currently am PC (DOS, windows) based and have full connection
> to Internet with E-mail and Gopher and FTP.

You can do homology searches between your sequence and most of 
the known nucleotide databases and/or protein databases with the 
BLAST NCBI Email server.  So all you need is the ability to do 
electronic mail.  To find out how to format your query, mail a 
message to:

blast at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

with the word 'help' in the body of the message (you can leave the 
subject line blank), and you will recieve (within seconds or minutes 
depending on your connection) the help document.  To retrieve 
sequences you can use the retrieve Email server, and you can obtain 
help about its use in the same way as for the BLAST server.  
The address for that server is:

retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov



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