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Dr. P.G.G. Miller pmiller at
Tue Oct 12 03:00:37 EST 1993

The CTI Centre for Biology was established to promote the effective use of
computers in the teaching (and learning) of life sciences at the tertiary
level.  Our Resource Directory is in its second edition with a third due
by the end of the year.  It attempts to give a broad coverage of the
materials and services available to those wanting to use computers in their

A subset of the fields in the updated directory is available by gopher from 
the address appended to this mail.  Please view the gopher as being 'under 
construction', ditto the data thereon.  That said, there are some 600+ items 
listed so it is probably worth checking out.  In due course we will add a 
data-entry form to facilitate submissions though you can use existing entries 
as a guide.  We also hope to provide WAIS-indexing -- we're new to this so any 
guidance would be most welcome.



Peter Miller                               e-mail: ctibiol at
CTI Centre for Biology                     phone : 051-794 5118
Donnan Labs                                fax   : 051-794 4401
University of Liverpool
P.O. Box 147
Liverpool L69 3BX, UK

          Gopher Item Information

Name:  'Liverpool CSC Gopher Server'
Type:  1 (directory)

Host:  ''
       (Computer where information is maintained)
Port:  70
       (Network connection port)

Path:  ''
       (Tells host where to find the information)

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