sigma plot ??

Tue Oct 5 22:07:54 EST 1993

Thomas Petzold wrote...
> does anybody know a program called SIGMA-PLOT ? Where can I get it
> from and how much does it cost? Is there a WINDOWS-Version available
> or is it a DOS-program ? I've got a hint, that it would be useful to
> plot my data, but I have no detailed information.
> Does anybody know another program which is able to plot time
> series in a user friendly way? Gnuplot (or EXCEL on the other hand)
> are not flexible enough.

SigmaPlot?  Yuck-o!

Now that I've finished with that, SigmaPlot is the graphing package
written/marketed by Jandel Scientific.  Unfortunately, I no longer
have the address so I can't pass that off to you.  However, Jandel
advertises in Science and several other publications (they also
market the Java and Mocha imaging products) so you can find them

SigmaPlot is available in both DOS and Windows versions, the current
numbers are 5.0 and 4.1 I think.  At McGill, we pay just under $500
CDN for either.

A much cheaper alternative is CoHort Software's CoPlot package (our
lab made the mistake of not buying this).  You can reach them at:

    71161.564 at

Prompt replies to any question.

- ivan

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