REQUEST: pcr software

riss at riss at
Wed Oct 20 11:03:46 EST 1993


We need advice on existing PCR-software commercial and/or shareware/freeware.
If you can advise us on some or all of the following questions we would be more
then happy.It goes without saying that we will post a summary of the answers
sent to us.

We are looking for a program/s with the following spec.s:

1. Auto designing of primers for agiven sequence.
2. Auto matching of both primers for agiven seq./reaction.
3. Designing of reaction conditions with given primers/seq.
4. Primer designing with addition of restriction sites at the end.
5. Evaluation and rating of different primers for the same region (i.e.
   manual designed vs. others).
6. Helping to choose a unique primer for a given seq. against a data bank
   of multiple sequences.

If you have any idea about a software/s, hopefully from experience, that can
match the above please e-mail us (riss at or keini at
all the relevant info. you can.

 Thank you for your help,
 Gil & Yossi

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