3D Reconstruction Software

Mike Sloderbeck sloderb at iris1.sb.fsu.edu
Mon Oct 25 11:57:40 EST 1993

Is there commonly used (free or low-cost) software that could be used
for the reconstruction problem described below?

Starting point: We have ~20 photos of slices of a cell.
Desired end point: Visualization of certain organelles in the cell.

Proposed method:
1. Scan each photo in 8-bit grey scale, save as TIFF or other.
2. Translate and rotate the images for alignment.
   (Translation/Rotation will only be in plane of slice).
   The researcher expects here that cell surface features will
   be sufficient for rotational alignment. The cells can be
   assumed to be roughly spherical.
3. Save the aligned digitized slices as a single 3-d lattice
   of grey levels.
4. Use SciAn on Silicon Graphics workstation to view.
   Treat the grey levels as density values and view as isosurface.

We can do steps 1 and 4, but I wondered if something might be
available for steps 2-3. Most any platform would do, although
Mac or SG would be best.
I realize we may need more slices for a good view, but we need to put
something together for a first draft. 

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