Embryology Tutorial

Peter Reynolds Bream Jr. bream at med.unc.edu
Tue Oct 26 14:12:58 EST 1993


	The demonstration of the embryology program,
"Embryo-Images: Normal Development" is now available
through anonymous FTP at:
	username: anonymous
	password: your email address (blah at blah.blah.blah)

It is in the MultiMedia directory, in Medicine.dir.

The Program:
	Embryo-Images: Normal Development is a tutorial
that uses Scanning Electron Micrographs (over 300) to teach
mammalian embryogenesis.  It uses diagrams from Langman's 
Medical Embryology, 6th ed., by T.W. Sadler, Williams and Wilkins
Publishers, Baltimore, Md.  It incorporates text, animation, 
interactive "morphs", 3-D models with the diagrams and images
to provide a thorough overview of the most important concepts
in embryology.  It consists of 9 separate units covering all
organ systems and basic development.  It is designed for the
student of embryology in medical, dental, nursing, vetinarian
and other allied health fields.  It would also be useful for
researchers in industry and universities (dev. biology, teratology).

The Authors:
	The tutorial was created at the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill's School of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology and
Anatomy and the UNC Birth Defects Center.  It was programed by 
Peter R. Bream, Jr., a medical student, and Professor Kathleen K. 
Sulik, Ph.D. created the text and provided the images.

	It will be avilable through Slice of Life, University of 
Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. in January, 1994 on CD-ROM in both Mac
and Windows format (on the same disc).

Any questions, comments etc. should be directed to:

Peter Bream  bream at med.unc.edu  919-929-2833

Thank you for your consideration.  Enjoy.

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