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Bill Melchior wmelchior at ntet.nctr.fda.gov
Tue Oct 26 10:42:30 EST 1993

In article <25OCT93.11152885 at msdisk.wustl.edu>, 
wetsel_r at msdisk.wustl.edu writes:
> I've obtained and unzip.exe for the VAX from the wuarchive ....
> What am I missing or failing to do?  I've been trying to unzip the
> gopher.zip file all within the same (new) subdirectory -
> unzip gopher209.zip  is the command I've tried w/o success.


Have you defined UNZIP as a symbol?  You have to do this to pass the 
program arguments, in this case the file name.

First define the symbol (be SURE to include the '$' before the '['):
$ UNZIP :== $ [directory with UNZIP.EXE]UNZIP.EXE
(After defining UNZIP, run it without any arguments to get a brief help 
screen. -x is the switch to extract files, -l lists them.)

Then use it:
$ UNZIP [switches such as -l or -x] <file name, eg gopher209.zip> 

Good luck, Bill
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