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>already on another newsgroup, i asked about the PAUP program (phylogenetic 
>analysis using parsimony) by which one can do bootstrap analysis of related
>sequences, using a GCG pileup.msf file as input. 

>many thanks, for those who already relayed some info on this ! still two
>questions, related to the fact that i already obtained some nice pictures
>with this programme:

A good place to start would be to read the chapter on "Phylogeny
Reconstruction", by DL Swofford and GJ Olsen in _Molecular
Systematics_, DM Hillis and C Moritz, eds., Sinauer Press, 1990.  This
has a very nice description of phylogenetic methods, and provides
information that will be useful for people using morphological or
other characters as well as molecular data.  It might be better to
read this and some other literature on phylogenetic reconstruction
before you contact Swofford -- I think it might make things easier for
both of you.

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